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Identity Numerate of birth (CITY/MM/DD) Surname First namesPSIRA Number of Security Officers (if any)Male/Female (M/F)RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS Certified photograph of applicants face (passport size)How
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: 010 FRIEND: 02 2 521 - 2737 MAIL: G.E.HILBORN LIMIT: ONE POSTAGE COORDINATOR AT ONCE, TWO IF MORE THAN ONE, FIVE IF MORE THAN THREE. (Please note that I no longer send email or have Internet access at the post office). Phone calls from here should not be returned since the phone numbers are in use. SITE: Postal address: The Authority can be visited on our SITE or by telephone between 0900 - 1600, Monday-Friday 9am - 3pm, Saturday 10:00am-1:00pm. For an appointment, please contact our office at Gwen Hilborn, Postmaster General, PO Box 1142 , Pretoria 107100 Pretoria. Cape Town (Pretoria) Phone: 021 2 531 0600 SITE: . It can be reached through a telephone call from 0860 - 1600 M-F, Monday-Friday 8am - 4.30pm. The address is PO Box 1655 , Port Elizabeth. SA. SITE: . Address: PO Box 908 , Port St Johns, Port Elizabeth. SA. SOME PEOPLE WILL NOT TAKE THE APPOINTMENT AND IT IS POSSIBLE THEY MAY NOT APPLY FOR A CERTIFICATE AFTER A FEW WEEKS... THEY WON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. Pretoria Post Office: Phone: 021 437 3838 SABC: 041-22336650 SABC: 992 466 4960 If you feel I have not met your requirements, please leave a message at our online Customer Service Inquiry Form .<|endoftext|>(CNN) A Florida-bound plane carrying more than 50 passengers had its engine fail Sunday, forcing the passengers off the plane for about five minutes and possibly threatening their lives, a federal official said. All those on board were safe but the plane was forced out of the skies at the Jacksonville/Tallahassee International Airport, according to a U.S. Department of Transportation spokesman. The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating, the agency said. It was not known if the plane
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